10 Most Common Mistakes Students Should Avoid During Their JEE Preparation

We all do practice well as well as perform well, in every step of success. Likewise, when we prepare for IIT-JEE, students do a lot of efforts but still a few of them make it to IIT’s. Why, you ask? Because most of the students do some common mistakes. So what are the mistakes made in JEE exam by students while preparing?

10. Using far too many reference books

A lot of students keep jumping over different books during their preparation. It is not advised to do so. Students should just stick to a few books instead of jumping back and forth. Remember, all books have same topics, they only written in different manner.

9. Trying to solve very tough problems

Solving very tough problems can decrease your confidence. So, do not try to solve very tough problems. Like Irodov, JD Lee. You can do only some selective problems of these books which seems important.

8. Ignoring the NCERT Books

The NCERT Books are the best books to prepare for JEE Main and JEE Advanced. The students must not ignore the NCERT Books in the same way as ModiJi ignores Rahul Gandhi , while preparing for JEE. Many of the students do this common mistake.


7. Revising the well prepared topics again and again

Every student are good at something. Some are good at Mathematics, some at Physics or Chemistry. But it does not mean that you only prepare what you know well. I am not saying not to prepare the topics you are good at but also focus on what you are weak at.

6. Sleeping only 5-6 hour

Take a good 7 to 8 hour sleep. In any case it should not be less than 7 hours a day. Our brain works more efficiently if we have a good night sleep. Also manage your sleep time, it is better to study in day time and sleep in night. There are many scientific reasons to have a good night sleep.

5. Depend on Coaching Institutes too much

Every parents and students do the common mistake. If you are in famous institutes, the success is not guaranteed. Parents only care about facilities and money provided. Institutes works for you but it depends how you use your institutes for your studies.

4. Leaving questions on the calculation stage

Mindset of most of the students “Let’s leave it at this stage during practice; I’ll be able to attempt more questions that way.” Believe me; it’s better to do fewer questions with all calculations than do more questions without calculations. It will improve your speed and simultaneously help you to improve your accuracy.

3. Not paying attention during School/Coaching Lectures

This is the major one. Students usually think during the lecture that they will study it at home by himself/herself. If you hold this kind of attitude, change it immediately. Attend regular lectures and pay attention to what is taught in school/coaching. This will done your 50% of the work itself.

2. Overconfidence

Students become overconfident when they start scoring well in tests and mock exams. It is part of human nature. However it should be kept in mind that good performance in mock tests does not guarantee that a student will score well in the exam. No one can predict how the questions will be set. This should be kept in mind as the day of the exam approaches as students tend to slack during those days.

1. No Time Management

Time management plays an important role in every exam. Start the exam with the subject about which you are confidant. Don’t get hung up on questions. Give more time to your weakest subject and attempt it only in the end.

JEE exam is no doubt one of the hardest exam to crack. However with proper guidance and regular studying, and by avoiding common mistakes students can ace it without any hindrance.