10 Mind Blowing Tips That Prevent Yourself From Getting Distracted While Studying

Question that always in a mind of every student….

I have always been a person who likes to study at night. The silence helps me concentrate. But, I usually get distracted within 30-40 odd minutes. So why does this happen ?

Actually there is a science behind it. Human mind can’t concentrate on one thing for more than 30-40 minutes. So, what is the solution??

Remind yourself of the value of your studies with this question: “Why am I doing this?”

Make the connection between what’s happening right now and the goals you have set for yourself. It can be to learn a new skill, study for an exam so you can graduate and start your career, solve a particular problem you’re currently dealing with, etc.

Keep your phone away from your sight

Avoid checking your Facebook news feed or Whats App group texts after every 5 minutes. When you have your mobile phone in your sight, you will have this temptation to check it. And you will be like : ‘I will just use it for 5 minutes. And I will start studying again.’ But you never come back to your books. So, the best way is to keep electronics out of your sight.

Collect revision materials

Collect Revision materials such as pens, highlighters, rulers etc before you study. Do not plan to look for them in the middle of studying. It can be really distracting at times, so prepare everything you think you need.

Shut The Door.

 Make sure you find a place where there is nobody who is likely to accidentally start the next pointless conversation that will last forever. Find a room where you feel comfortable to work and produce the results of the highest quality.

Get a pair of soft silicone ear plugs

Get a pair of soft silicone ear plugs, if you prefer to work in silence; they easily double up as a safe option for taking a quick nap and also if you’re having trouble sleeping throughout the night due to heavy traffic, loud housemates, or ongoing construction in your neighborhood.

Keep things simple

 Impossibly huge tasks make it even harder to avoid distractions at work. Breaking them down into smaller, easier to complete parts can help you with that. Not only will that make it easier for you to track how you’re spending your time but also help you keep motivated every time you finish one of those small tasks.


Meditate for atleast 30-60 minutes in a day. Free your mind; lose the junk from your brain space and lighten your head weight. It will keep you rejuvenated and prompts you to concentrate for longer duration.

You have to give up various things 

– Mobile

– Television

– Any sort of Internet

– Computers, Laptops, Gaming Devices

– Any other thing which is a sort of “Time-pass” and takes up lot of your time of the day

Make A Study Plan

Make a weekly plan on what you are going to revise in the week. Don’t stress too much on it. Just write down the topics that you are comfortable with in the first week and then carry on with topics related to topics you just did. And I am telling this again so consider it really important DO NOT SPEND TOO MUCH TIME ON PLANNING. And do remember to make a daily plan too. When you wake up spend 10 minutes to write down topics or chapters that you feel necessary to finish today.

Take a 5 minute break after every 30 minutes of work.

It’s impossible to study all 8 hours of your workday. I’ve found taking regular short breaks between my assignments have helped my concentration and productivity immensely. During these breaks, make sure to actually get up and move around. Five minutes of exercise does wonder to your alertness and productivity.