10 Most Popular Childhood Rumors I Bet You Still Remember Them!

When we were kids, there were so many rumors, which were there just to keep us safe, as well as stop to us doing something crazy and stupid.

“Here are my crazy Childhood rumors…

1. If two people’s head hit each other’s accidentally, they should do it again to avoid emergence of horns on their heads.

2. If you ate seeds, the plant will grow in your stomach.

3. Undertaker came back from dead.

4. If someone jumps over your head you will stop growing.

5. Life is better after you finish education.

6. Keeping peacock feather in notebook increases our intelligence.

7. A child borns automatically once a girl and boy gets married.

8. Eat spinach and you will get power like popeye.

9. Sitting too close to TV will cause blindness.

10. Standing under a Peepal tree at night will make ghosts possess your body.