10 Things That Will Probably Happen In Avengers: Infinity War

Avengers: Infinity War will be the film event of the decade. Arguably, it’s one of the most ambitious movies of all time. Certainly, it’s one of the largest. Over a decade of storytelling – which we all know as the Marvel Cinematic Universe – has led to this: a threat from a cosmic terror, the gathering of some colorful stones and the coming together of a genuinely mind-blowing number of heroes. The cast, the story and likely the budget are unlike anything Hollywood has ever seen before.
To tide you over, here are 10 Things that will probably happen in Avengers: Infinity War.

Loki Dies After Saving his Brother Thor

In the Infinity War trailer, all we see of Loki is him handing the Tesseract from Thor: Ragnarok presumably to Thanos. According to some theories, he is giving Tesseract to Thanos for saving his brother’s life. Thanos, a man of his word, will spare Thor’s life, but not Loki’s. And here when the Loki died because Thanos has a good reason to kill Loki. If you want to know the reason click here.

Captain Marvel could appear in a post credit scene.


We know Captain Marvel’s official introduction to the MCU is right around the corner, but what we don’t know is when it will actually happen. According to some theories, Captain Marvel can be introduce in a post credit scene of Avengers: Infinity War.


The Soul Stone Is In Wakanda

A big question in Infinity War is where the Soul Stone can be found. One major theory is that the comet that landed in Wakanda actually held the Soul Stone, allowing the country to produce vibranium.

The Soul Stone Is The Orange Planet Titan

If the Soul Stone isn’t planted beneath Wakanda, the other leading theory about its location posits that it can be found on the planet Titan, which Iron Man, Spider-Man, Drax, and Star-Lord visit according to Infinity War’s trailers.

Hawkeye is going to become Ronin


According to some major theories, Hawkeye is going to become Ronin in Infinity War and that might be another reason he doesn’t make the trailer: a reveal of him in costume could be more of a spoiler than Marvel wants to give out at this stage.

Hulk Uses The Hulkbuster Armor

Since Hulkbuster and Iron Man have been featured together in the Infinity War trailers, a lot of people think that Hulk will use the armor made by his BFF Tony Stark.

Bucky Replaces Steve Rogers As Captain America

While some think Bucky won’t be ready to take Cap’s place following his mind alteration, a lot of people still believe that he will be the new Captain America following Steve’s predicted death.


Thanos is coming Wakanda for Mind Stone

The first trailer of the Avengers:Infinity War showed a massive  battle in Wakanda with Thanos’ Outriders charging at Black Panther’s army and the Avengers. Fans had suspected the reason was to protect the Soul Stone, the final Infinity gem to be revealed, but after the latest trailer it turns out that Vision, who has the Mind Stone in his head, has been taken to Wakanda for protecton.

Hulk comes out from HulkBuster suit


Bruce Banner is actually the one who gets inside the Hulkbuster armor to pilot it. Banner likely becomes angry at some points and Hulks out, bursting through the very armor meant to contain the big green monster.

Infinity War Could Rebrand Spider-Man as Iron Spider

Peter Parker is coming back with a new suit and a set of extra legs that make him exponentially more spidery. In the Marvel comics, this suit is known as Iron Spider Suit. We’ve seen the ‘Iron Spider’ costume (sans additional legs) on the big screen before, when Tony Stark offered it to Peter at the end of Spider-Man: Homecoming, along with membership of the Avengers.