The 10 Types of Students You Will Meet During Exams

It’s almost exam time, and this is when all kinds of types of students come out! The fun of back to school is over and the stress begins. Whether you’re in middle school, high school, college or university, you’ll definitely relate to this! Let us know which student you are!

The Latecomers

They are always late. Exam time be dammed, they will only enter the exam hall when the muhurat is right. It’s only for them that the trains run late, traffic jams occur and what not! Like a dude, they enter the exam hall late and then get weird looks.

The Supplement Takers

They take the first supplement before the rest of us have finished the first page of our answer-sheets! These people are usually the toppers, and they just write, write and write.

Don’t Know What they Write

They are like the supplement takers but they have no idea of what they have written. Film scripts, song lyrics, conversations between mom and maid, everything goes into the paper. Bas, paper blank nahi hona hain!


The Early Leavers

They are the super cool students. They complete their paper early and then leave the hall. Sometimes, the early leavers leave the hall just as the latecomers are begging the invigilator to be allowed in (just joking).

Who Doesn’t Share Answers

These students never show their answers, will never help you out and if you ask them for a glimpse, they give you a scary look. However, they make sure you answer them when they ask you!

The Blank Starers

They see their girlfriend/boyfriend in all of us or somewhere around us because they always keep staring into the distance. They don’t even try to cheat, simply stare. Harmless but weird creatures they are. And in the end, they start writing when most of us have given up or finished.


The Xerox Machines

They are aces in copying. Instead of studying, they spend hours for finding new ways to copy from other students and they do a brilliant job of pulling it off.

Oh No! Studied Another Subject

Here we have these exceptionally brilliant students who might study chemistry instead of math or history instead of English. They worry more about the future and hence overlook the present exam! You’ll find one of them every exam.

Cheat and get Caught

They always get caught whenever they try to copy. These poor souls copy one answer and waste the rest of the time begging the supervisor to not throw them out.


Partners in Crime

They are the Jai-Veeru and Amar-Prem of copying. They meticulously plan and divide lessons to study among each other and then write the exam. It’s more of a combined exam for them.

Which category do you belong to? Tell us in the comments section below.

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