5 Facts That Happened If India And Pakistan Get United Again!

This is the quintessential ‘What if’ question. We never know what would have happened if India had not been partitioned. But we can speculate about the possibilities of how a combined India-Pakistan would have had a tremendous impact on the world scenario.

So, let’s say there was no partition. Keeping the Hindu-Muslim tension apart, let’s look at the bright side of it, and how it would have been beneficial for the people of both countries.

1. The political giant of the developing world.

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Their strategic capabilities and commitment would have helped them gain global influence in international affairs. They would have played a crucial role in world politics and their already-huge influence would go up. Who knows? The poles of world power would have shifted here.

2. Terrorism. What’s that

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India and Pakistan combined together would have saved all the lives which have gone to terror. 26/11 or the bomb blasts in Karachi every fortnight would never have happened.

3. The best cricket line-up in the world.

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A team with Indian batsmen and Pakistani pacers will be simply invincible. Had the partition not happened in the first place, imagine a team packed with the likes of Virat Kohli, Rohit Sharma, Shikhar Dhawan, Mahendra Singh Dhoni and the bowling unit full of quality bowlers like Mohammad Amir, Wahab Riaz Sorted!

4. Researching together and contributing in the field of science and technology

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Pakistani researchers have contributed in various areas of research over the years in spite of many domestic problems. Together an Indian scientist and a Pakistani scientist would have contributed even more to the world.

5. The economic superpower in the world

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Agriculture sector getting a boost while the inflation rate going down is the best thing that could happen to any nation. Moreover, there would have been a decent amount of petroleum, and fuel prices would have gone down. We would have become a progressive Asian economic force.