5 JEE preparation tips that make NO sense

When it comes to giving free advice, everybody has got a mouth. Your aunt. Your brother or sister. Your parents. Even your friends. And worst of all, your distant relatives. They come to you with Pro Tips, Expert Advice, and Last minute strategies on how to prepare for JEE.

Some of these tips are good, like eating healthy. And others are just crazy – you MUST study even if there is no light. Use a CANDLE!!!

You know it’s useless when you hear it. Because they themselves have NOT followed any of their own solid tips. Take a look at some of the nonsense that floats around as expert JEE preparation tips.

1. You must study 12 to 14 hours daily.

90% of the time I ask a student what can I help them with, I know the question they will ask –

“How can I study more than 12 hours a day?”

Why?Because if you’re not studying 12-14 hours a day, you’re not doing serious preparation for JEE.

Work like a slave now, so that you can live like a king later.

Ridiculous. And Wrong!


THE TRUTH: It’s a bad advice. Unhealthy. Inefficient. And NOT productive at all. It doesn’t matter how many hours you study, what matters is how effectively you study. What’s the point in holding a book for 6 hours and understanding or learning nothing, probably your parents will be happy ‘mera beta/beti toh din bhar padhti rehti hai‘.

Study for 6-7 hours daily. With focus. Like a habit. 7 days a week. Take 2-3 short breaks in between. You will cover more syllabus than you think is possible.

2. Don’t watch TV. Don’t use the Internet. Never open Facebook and WhatsApp. Stop doing everything else, just study for JEE.

What should a slave do?

Sacrifice, of course! Sacrifice all your pleasures. As if studying for 14 hours a day wasn’t enough.

Doesn’t that make you hate the JEE? An awful exam, really.

NO, what is awful is this advice. It promises to get you extra time to study, after 14 hours a day!

But you don’t need that extra time. The real reason 14 hours a day isn’t working is because it’s an inefficient strategy. Go to Facebook. Watch TV. Use the Internet. Only, do it for a limited time – like half an hour daily. As long as you don’t waste 2 hours chatting about shoes, you’re good. Play an outdoor sport for an hour a day – cricket, badminton, or soccer – your choice.  Just get some exercise.

A healthy body means you can stay focused for longer duration of time.

3. You must solve TEN different books to gain mastery of the subject.

There is a famous Chinese quote…..

I am not afraid by the 1000 moves you practiced one one time, I am afraid of that one move you practiced 1000 times

It doesn’t matter how many books you solve at shallow level, what’s most important is how throughly you solve that one good book you have. No matter how many books you read, you will always see new questions in JEE. So focus on clearing your concepts. Let others try to read every book out there. You focus on your concepts.

Reading 1-2 books multiple times is going to help you much more than reading 10 different books on the same topic.

I always advise using NCERT + 1 reference book + 1 question bank.


4. Start JEE preparation from Class IX

I saw a Class IX student carrying a copy of Physics by H.C. Verma.

I smiled and asked him,” Do you like Physics?

No”, he said, “I’m preparing for IIT-JEE.

Really? That exam is FOUR years away!

By the time these kids reach class XII, half of them are frustrated. And lose interest in any kind of study. The Early bird catches the worm, but the worm has to come out first. No?

Class IX is for building your intuition, reading a variety of books and learning problem-solving techniques not just for JEE. For gaining knowledge, and developing interest. Doing fun (like watching cisTheta memes on FB), playing games and making interesting projects like volcano science project for example.

Read about JEE. Think whether you’d like to pick that career or something else. Have Fun!

5. Only an IITian can help you

My favorite one on the list of bad JEE preparation tips. The day I created  CiSθ (Commonsense is seriously complex), I had a few people asking me –

“Are you from IIT?”

“Which IIT are you from? I just wanted to know because you can help me in my preparation if you’re from IIT.”

But does it really matter?

Your concern should be how you’ll get into the IITs. NOT me. Or which college I studied from. But whether my memes useful and funny or not. Does it help you or not? My achievements do not matter.  People think all IITians are geniuses. And those who aren’t from IIT are not. Both these thoughts are not true.

You don’t have to agree with me or listen to my advice. Instead, ask yourself this ?Has the person who gave you the advice really followed it? Are there any examples they can give you where these tips worked? And finally, is it going to make your preparation better than what it is now? You will have your answer. End of story.

This Article was originally created by Busting JEE Main.