5 Mind-Blowing Coincidences You Won’t Believe Happened

The world is filled with astonishing occurrences of coincidence and synchronicity that defy explanation. Are these incredible true stories of mere coincidence… or the hand of fate?

1. Three men were hanged in London at Greenberry Hill, in 1911, for the murder of Sir Edmund Berry. The names of the people being hanged were Green, Berry and Hill.

2. In 2013, Rajkumar Rao acted in a movie called Shahid. A few days later, Shahid Kapoor starred in the film R. Rajkumar.

3. On December 28, 1999, Sachin Tendulkar scored a total of 1000 runs versus Australia in the 5th test on Melbourne Cricket Ground in the 19th innings. Exactly 15 years later, Virat Kohli also scored a total of 1000 runs versus Australia in the 5th test in the 19th innings at MCG. They were both 26 years old at their respective times of setting this milestone.


4. An episode of Johnny Bravo that aired on Cartoon Network in April 2001 featured a movie poster with an image of a burning building with the label ‘Coming Soon’. Five months later 9/11 happened.

5. CisTheta aka Commonsense is Seriously Complex Page is reaching/has reached half million likes on the most sarcastic day of the year i.e. on April Fool’s Day.

Coincidence or not?