5 Perfect Reasons Why Students Fail to Crack JEE Exam

Getting into in IIT is a dream of every engineering student. They plan their schedule, Timetables, get into big schools, take admission into Coaching institutes. Make study groups, etc.

Despite doing all these, many students fail to crack JEE exams. Do you know why?

Because planning is not everything. Students plan but they fail to execute. Their indiscipline takes leads to their failure and then they blame institutes, teachers and exam as well.

Here are few reasons because of which most students fail to get through exams.

1. Execution- Planning is only effective when you work in it and execute it properly. Most students fail to do this.

2. It is not the number of hours you put in your study that matters – how you study and how much you can retain is what counts. One must let the information settle in their mind and then process other information.

3. Quality of information you are getting- what are the ways in which your teacher is providing you with the information. One has different responses to different types of information(Audio, Visuals, Audio-Visuals).


4. Just watching the videos available online which says you can crack IIT with this technique is not a foolproof method. One needs to figure out which method works best for them and then adopt those strategies. Not every athlete can be a sprinter, so first figure out which is your best way to absorb information.

5. Students usually don’t eat healthy during preparation days. Eat a Healthy. Exercise and meditate.

If you have a plan, the next focus to execute it and strategise ways which will help you execute your plan.

Remember not every technique will work for you. Find out which suits you best and be disciplined to follow through to achieve your dream. Remember- Every DREAM is WORTH chasing.

You will achieve your goal.