5 Terrifying Facts About Witches That Will Surely Blew Your Mind!

In childhood, almost everyone heard about witches, vampire and ghost. Everyone loves to watch paranormal activities in movies but no one wants to see them in real life as they are really terrifying. Today, CisTheta Global is presenting some amazing facts about witches that will surely blew your mind…

Witchcraft is practiced by both women and men.

It was believed for the longest time that witchcraft was mostly a female activity. But there are male counterparts of witches as well, mostly referred to as wizards, warlocks or sorcerers. Countless men and women have been persecuted throughout history in suspicion of practicing witchcraft.

Malleus Maleficarum : the witch-hunting manual that became the gospel of every witch-hunter.

The book Malleus Maleficarum became the go-to handbook on how to deal with a witch for the hysteric masses and the witch-hunters alike. It was a legal and theological document written by two clergymen, which offered tips like shave the hair off the witch’s body so that she can’t hide magical objects.

Mayong in Assam is popular as the Land of Black Magic.

It is a belief still prevalent that the people of Mayong practice black magic and that they can cure any ailment. It is also believed that people from Mayong could transform people to animals, make them disappear, tame beasts and do many unspeakable things. These practices are said to have been passed along the younger generations. It must be mentioned here that in a recent incident, a woman accused of witchcraft was beheaded in the Sonitpur district of the state.

Wicca is a new religious movement based on witchcraft.

Englishman Gerald Gardner created this religion and introduced it to the public in 1954. According to Gardner, Wicca emerged from a European witch-cult that was persecuted during the witch trials. The core of this religion is formed of ancient pagan and 20th century hermetic motifs. You can read more about this religion here .

Not all witches are evil.

It sounds obvious because a lot of us know mostly about witchcraft from Wizard of Oz Harry Potter , and the likes. But witchcraft in real life has a very negative connotation, so much so, that witches were given death sentences to cleanse the society. But there have been, throughout history, practitioners of white magic as well. Witchcraft is not synonymous to black magic. It is an umbrella term that includes both white and black magic.