6 Unforgettable PC Games That Every 90’s KID Had Almost Played In Childhood!

Computer games are improving day by day, with some looking so real graphics  but there are many games that a 90’s kid will never forget. Here, are some of them:

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas is a massively enjoyable thug life in a compact package, that our character quickly falls into the local gang wars, pulling drive-bys on rival gangs and reclaiming turf for Grove Street. You can customize CJ’s look by shopping for clothes, then either make him fat by frequenting fast food restaurants or lean and mean by working out at the gym.

Grand Theft Auto: Vice City

In this game, you play as Mafioso Tommy Vercetti as he lives in a fictional metropolis called Vice City, which is loosely based on 1980s Miami. Your aim is to rise up through the ranks of the underworld to eventually become the top gangster, the most hated thing in this game was going into the water and that RC Helicopter mission.

Total Overdose

The graphics of this game are pretty solid they definitely compete with Vice City but Total Overdose goes completely insane with Mexican Wrestlers, Guitar Machine guns, and TNT. You can shoot, blow up, destroy and massacre in your way.

Bully: Scholarship Edition

Bully: Scholarship Edition is a great game for fans of GTA, where violent fights break out daily, social cliques go to war with each other, and teachers and students are regularly engaged in the bullying and criminal behavior.The best things in this game are giving exams, riding the skateboard, going to carnival and more.

Project I.G.I. I’m Going In

In this game, you are a special agent who has to complete missions all on his own, infiltrating bases with a fair number of enemies.In completing the missions you mostly have one goal: you should not be seen by the cameras or detected by a large group of the enemies at once so that you can complete the level. As soon as an intruder is detected, the enemies are alerted to your presence and the level gets quite difficult to finish.

Road Rash

Everyone has played this motorbike racing game, but really it’s about hitting people in the face with chains and kicking another biker’s. Hitting each other was the main purpose nothing else mattered for us no-one cared about winning the race.

There are also many games that we can’t forget but we cannot mention everyone, so thank you for reading this list.