The boards exams are just around the corner. While we hope you have made use of your time before this, here is a general idea of what you should be doing in the last phase!

Tip #1
The NCERT books are what you need. By now, you have to know every line in the NCERT books. And now is the time to go back to your NCERT and revise. Your well-meaning but ill-informed friends might advise you to look at complex problems from several new guides in the market but never do it at the cost of NCERT prep.

Tip #2
Make use of the last few days of prep to write mock tests. Analyze each mock test performance to figure out where you are weak. You can make use of this analysis to structure your preparation further.

Tip #3
Write previous year tests. This is very important as these tests are actual papers from the past. Look at the weightage that each topic has received and hone your skills in the topics that have maximum weightage. If you feel that you are lagging behind on some topics, focus there.

Tip #4
Have solid revision schedules and test-taking plans. Write these tests periodically. And do this for every subject. Maintain an excel sheet with your analysis on these tests to help you understand where you improve and how you improve.

Tip #5
If you have last minute doubts, make a list and go to experts who can help you understand them better. You can find help in friends, teachers or the internet.

Tip #6
Look for problem-solving shortcuts and figure out what works for you. Every long problem would have shortcuts. Understand the concept, the concept behind shortcuts, practice the shortcuts and put them to use. In subjects that involve a lot of problems, your speed is very important. So, time yourself for each problem and try improving on accuracy and time you take per question. The less time you take, the better. At the same time, you cannot compromise on accuracy, of course.

Tip #7
Finally, do not panic. It is very natural to be anxious at this hour. After all, the board exam scores are going to stick with you all your life, whatever you do in your life later on. So, if you feel anxious, seek help. You can relax with a short break and then come back to the thick of things.

Source:- HashLearn