It is difficult to identify who exactly coined the word ‘Modi Bhakt’. But now it’s become a major concerned for many people in India. Today, I’m going to tell you something controversial about Modiji and their Bhakts and after that may be you will call me a anti-nationalist and see that’s the main issue you know. The people who don’t support BJP may be because they are not satisfied by the work in their respective area are termed as anti-nationalist by the people who are generally known as Modi-Bhakt or we can also say Andha-Bhakt.

Problem with bhakts is, they think whatever Modiji says or does is ultimate and unquestionable. Their fake degree holder Guru utters any bullshit in front of camera to project himself as next Rajnikant and to justify Modi’s nonsense comment, bhakts don’t even think twice before involving in a fight with their family & friends.

I also support BJP more than other shitty parties but not blindly. No one is perfect, infact our Modiji too. So appreciate when he do something good but not defend them when he do something wrong. And that’s the shitty Bhakt do, they always support BJP whether they are right or wrong. After the Modiji’s controversial cloud theory. It’s pretty clear that entire bhakt brigade is busy searching internet to defend Modi’s ‘cloud could help radar’ remark.

If you understand, what I want to say. Then surely you would understand that we are not against Modi, we are against that chutiye bhakts and that’s why we troll them always. Let’s end this topic by figuring out 7 facts about Modi Bhakts:-

1. Bhakts know the secret recipe of hiding behind the clouds to travel anywhere without knowing someone. And that’s why Vijay Mallya succeed to run away from India.

2. Majority of people who beat couples on Valentine’s day by uttering “Jai Shree Ram” are Modi Bhakts.

3. Whenever BJP loses any election, their reaction was “What kind of country is this? People do not even know who to vote for!”

4. Bhakts only see two types of people, first who support BJP and second who are anti-nationalist. Yes!if you are not supporting BJP, YOU ARE A DAMM FUCKIN ANTI-NATIONALIST.

5. If you want to become a Bhakt, just you raise your voice of being patriot and also split the RAJSHREE at the same time in streets.

6. Bhakts generally hate the logic in anything. They are afraid of using their brain.

7. Bhakts who are students support Modi for their hardwork and at the same time they received a flying chappal by their mother for their shitty laziness in home.

Believe me! I also support Modi for their work in recent 5 years. But you need to know that, “Modi bura nahi hai, bas Modi bhakt chutiye hai!”. It’s like a inverse proportional, “Jitna accha Modi, utne chutiye Modi-Bhakt”.