7 Rare Diseases That Curse People With Superpowers

Being diagnosed with any incurable disease is misfortune enough, but sometimes — a one in ten million or more sometimes — a person is stricken with a disease so rare, so peculiar, and so oddly beneficial that it could almost be considered a superpower instead of a debilitating problem. Yes, there are diseases out there that basically give you superpowers, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t any downsides. For the most part, these rare and mysterious illnesses are both a blessing and a curse (mostly a curse, though). Below, cisTheta Global is presenting 7 cases of rare diseases that resemble super powers.

1. Super Memory

This condition is called Hyperthymesia, a disruption of memory which causes a person to remember all the events of their life down to every last detail. It’s so enhanced, in fact, that the people who have it can recall personal memories instantaneously, without any conscious effort. There are just about 60 people in the world who have been diagnosed with such a unique disease.

2. Insensibility to Pain

Congenital Analgesia, that’s a scientific name for the condition when a person doesn’t feel pain. At first glance, this disease can be seen as an awesome benefit, seeing as you would be able to withstand things like torture and physical trauma. Unfortunately,  there are some obvious downsides to never being able to feel pain. Children who have the condition, but don’t know about it, may end up seriously damaging their bodies. Even though congenital analgesia is rare, there is one place where it actually isn’t. In a village in Sweden, there have been over 40 reported cases. Either the disease is genetic, or the Swedish are planning something big.

3. Abilities to Literally do Anything

This condition is called Savant Syndrome which is caused by larger and more threatening central nervous system disorders, causes a person to display extremely proficient skills bordering on genius in specific areas such as math, art, or music.

Most people immediately think of Savant Syndrome when thinking of Autism simply because it is the type of Autism most commonly featured on television and in movies; Ran Man and A Beautiful Mind are probably the most famous examples of Savant Syndrome on the big screen.

4. The Vampire Disorder

This disorder has a scientific name Hypohidrotic Ectodermal Dysplasia. People suffering from this disorder always have to check the temperature and stay away from the sunlight, also it is vitally important to avoid hot weather. Why so?

People with this disorder don’t have sweat glands. As you know these glands serve as a thermo-regulating mechanism of our body. Imagine what can happen if it is broken? By the way, this is the most typical syndrome of the disorder. Sounds dramatic, but for example: Michael Berryman who suffers from the disease made a career playing horror movie characters.

5. The Complete Absence of Fear

The Adrenalin gland is what governs fear, stress and anxiety on our bodies. But for Jordy Cernik, the loss of his Adrenalin gland makes him impervious to feeling scared.  While doing daredevil activities like skydiving, his heart rate doesn’t even go up. Cernik was a victim of Cushing’s Syndrome, which resulted in his needing a surgery that would remove the gland that produces adrenalin. As a result, he no longer feels the sensation of fear (among other things like stress).

6. Stone Man Syndrome

Stone Man Syndrome, or Fibrodysplasia Ossificans Progressiva for short, is a rare disease that affects how your body heals itself. People with this condition heal much faster, as the tissue starts to repair itself spontaneously after being damaged. You’d think that a condition like this would give you a superpower akin to Wolverine, but it’s honestly more reminiscent of The Thing from The Fantastic Four. This is because the injuries may actually cause your joints to harden like stone, becoming essentially frozen. In fact, scientists have gone as far to say that this disease basically transforms victims into a living statue, as any attempts to remove the hardened bone is quickly replaced with more.

This is a gradual process, and the people who have it lose more movement in different parts of their body as they age. Sadly, this means that people with this disease are unable to have children and live in constant fear of any minor injury.

7. Werewolf Syndrome

Do you regularly feel irritated getting rid of unwelcome hair growing on certain parts of your body? Relax and take a deep breath, it can’t be as bad as the problem of those who suffer from Werewolf Syndrome. The hair growth of such people is abnormal. All their bodies are covered by thick hair, it grows long and lush, even on their faces.

The reason for this condition is most likely to be the genetic mutation, however, there have been some cases where this disease has been provoked by anti-balding treatment. Surely usual methods of hair removal, shaving, waxing or laser are perfectly effective. But, even the best of them only give short lasting results.

So what disease have you found the most shocking? Have you ever met anybody with the conditions described in this blog? Write to us in the comments.