7 Reasons Why Teachers Are Frustrated From Some Of Their Students?

Teachers are human. Children are human. As humans, we become annoyed by the words and actions of others.

Therefore, CisTheta Global is presenting you some annoying behaviours or actions of Student from which teacher frustrated most. Here are 7 Reasons Why Teachers Are Frustrated From Some Of Their Students?

1. When Students come into classroom and think they can just sit there doing nothing.

2. When Students complain about everything yet do nothing to help themselves.

3. When Students have bad hygiene and smell like they haven’t taken a shower in a week or haven’t brushed their teeth in just as long.

4. When Students pretend to not understand what is being told to them because they want to avoid reality.

5. When Students are clearly wasting their parents’ money because they are so disengaged that there is no point in them even being at school.

6. When Students still show up day-after-day despite being completely disengaged and predictably sit in class like a sack of potatoes.

7. When Students probably have a learning difficulty or health issues and their parents omitted that on their student visa application.

A Million-Dollar Question:- Do teachers really hate Students?

Hate is a strong word. Teachers don’t hate their students, they only hate their behaviour. But, it is might possible. I have found it to be very rare, when student develop a toxic relationship with teacher, and this is where it all begins.