7 Reasons Why Coaching Is So Important for JEE / NEET Success

JEE coaching classes is one of the biggest business that exist in educational sector. It is reported that JEE coaching classes comprise of a 10,000 crore business. The number itself explains how big is the market. Ever thought of why JEE coaching classes are important? If yes, this blog will try to make you understand.

Structured Syllabus

We all know how big is the syllabus of JEE. There are certain topics in JEE which are historically very important and questions from some topics are not asked very frequently. We can get to know it only after going through many previous years’ papers and analyzing them. It is a very tedious job. With JEE coaching we get all this on a platter. The amount of time that a teacher needs to teach a topic is more or less known to the teacher because he knows the importance of a particular topic.

Mentorship and Guidance

The life of a student who is seriously preparing for JEE is not that easy. Students usually undergo hormonal changes during JEE phase. Along with this, you have stress of studies and the expectation of parents that you want to fulfill. Undergoing so many thought processes, it doesn’t take much time for a student to get distracted. And the first thing which is affected by it are academics. JEE coaching class can provide the student with proper guidance to overcome the stress and concentrate completely on studies.

Regular Test

Regular tests are very important and every student should give them. They help a student to prepare well for the exam as well as give him/her self-realization that he/she should improve on which topics.

A student who has given a test at regular intervals of time, starts to develop the capability of performing under stress. It plays a very important role while giving the exams. It is only possible if we join a coaching class. Conducting tests at regular intervals of time is tough for anyone else.

Proper Study Material

Getting something on a platter is always better than trying to gather that thing from all the resources that exist in this world. Same is the case when it comes to JEE study resources. Getting good quality notes and knowing which books to follow helps us not waste our time on not very useful books, as well as saves the money that we require to buy the resource. And believe me on this, there are more books on JEE that you can complete in your entire lifetime. The study material that is provided by the good JEE coaching classes is very concise and help the students to figure out which concepts they need to concentrate on.


Proper Doubt Solving

Doubt solving is one of the most important things when it comes to learning. Doubt solving in a coaching class is obviously easier than doubt solving for a student who is not going to a coaching class. The teachers in a good coaching class are very accessible making it very easy to ask doubts for anyone.

The Study Group

Study group, or the people with whom you study, plays a very important role in JEE. These are the people with whom you compete. These are the people with whom you solve your doubts. Some people are afraid of going to the professor regarding any doubt In such a case, the students who are near to you become your teacher. They try to clear each and every doubt that you may have.

The luxury of having a good study group can be obtained only in a JEE coaching class. The students in a coaching class are mostly dedicated to working hard for their success in JEE. Along with such people, you also get new motivation and energy towards working hard for JEE.


Undoubtedly, the most useful piece of advice is given by the seniors because they are the ones who faced a similar situation few years ago. They know how to tackle the situation successfully and the mistakes that a student can make. Good JEE coaching classes have some amazing set of seniors. They are always ready to help and guide you.

Even after telling about so many benefits of coaching classes, it is a matter of fact that JEE is given by the student. So, no matter however successful coaching class you join, it is your hard work that matters the most. Even if you join the biggest and most successful coaching class, your success is not guaranteed. You really can’t depend on a coaching class for your success, your success is completely in your hand.

All the best for your JEE preparation!