7 Times when CISTHETA blew our mind with NEET memes!

The NEET exam is considered to be one of the most challenging exams in India. But according to CiSTheta, with great exams…come great memes. And today we are showing you some hilarious NEET memes that make you literally laugh out loud!

Dread it, Run from it…Destiny still arrives. Thanos don’t need 6 infinity stones to clear out half NEET aspirants. Just Physics.

When you didn’t clear NEET 2018 because you think there is no use of NEET 2018 as doctory is in my blood. Then what will happened after 6 years is given below.

Once a wise man said…..

Fact: Half of the NEET aspirants thought that that the difficulty level of mock test and real NEET exam is same. And the following meme is very relatable to those NEET aspirants

The only free things we get in JEE and NEET exam.

Sometime we win…sometime we learn…we never fail…and the NEET aspirant who just go to the exam room to sleep…can also relate to the following meme.


Want to know the future…just check the below meme(spoiler warning)

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