AAP hires Tik-Tok actors for slapping Kejriwal ahead of Delhi election

After the announcement of Election Commission of India that the Delhi elections will be held on 8th February, all the parties have started their preparation at double speed including AAP in which slap on Kejriwal’s face before the election is a ritual, to begin with.

Every major political party in Delhi is finding points to attack the current government AAP, as they have a stronger side this election. While AAP knows that getting slapped before the election is always a lucky charm for Arvind Kejriwal and the AAP.

Therefore from unknown resources, CiSTheta reporters get to know that the AAP volunteers were seen organising auditions of tik-tok actors who can slap Kejriwal ahead of elections just like it happened in the past. As we all know, tik-tok chapri nibbas are best in slapping each other in their videos.

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