How to balance Boards and JEE preparation? What should I focus on?

A BOY was plucking off petals from a rose one by one. His friends thought he might be playing the ‘She loves me, She loves me not’ game. Only when they got closer, they heard what he was saying…Boards…JEE.. Boards…JEE…

Boards vs JEE? Boards vs JEE? Almost every class XII student who decides to appear for the JEE faces this dilemma. Should I focus on boards first? Or should I completely ignore it and focus on JEE instead? Are they really that separate from each other?

First things first, Can this be done? Can we balance boards and JEE preparation together? The answer is YES! If you follow some simple proven rules and proper strategy.

In this post, I discuss this question of Boards vs JEE, which troubles so many students and causes unnecessary worries and how to balance boards and JEE preparation.


Know your time and manage it well.

There are only 24 hours in a day for everybody. So effective time management is very essential. Always keep in mind how much time you have on your hands for each of the exams. A simple rule is this:

May – July90% time for JEE (Class XI topics first), 10% for board studies
August – September80% time for JEE, 20% for boards
October – December70% time for JEE(Your syllabus should be done by now), 30% for boards.
January 60% time for JEE (Start with revision and problem practice), 40% for boards ( start revising important derivations)
February50% time for JEE ( Only problem practice and revision. NO new chapters), 50% time for boards( Past year papers and Writing Practice )
MarchJEE (one practice test daily), Rest of the time goes to boards
April-MayJEE (Main + Advanced)

Ask the right questions!

Answer a few questions below. Take a piece of paper and write down your answers. You can also answer them mentally.


What is your career decision? Are you sure you want to become an engineer? Or are you following others?

There is no shame in choosing a B.Sc. Degree, instead. JEE demands a lot of preparation, so be sure of your decision first. If engineering is a priority, your focus must be JEE. Considering the way marks are given in CBSE, getting 75% is easy. So, plan your preparation with JEE in mind.

If you want to keep other career options open, well, then, your first focus must be on the Board examination. If you are set on an engineering career with a stream of choice, JEE matters much more.

Are you willing to take a drop year?

Many students decide that they can not bear the pressure of both the exams together and instead focus on the boards first and then properly attempt JEE  next year. Are you willing to take this route? If that is ok with you, focus on boards while building your concepts for JEE. If not, you have the answer right in front of you.

Did this article clear up any confusion about Boards vs JEE? Share your thoughts in the comments section.