Students Story of CBSE Physics Exam 2019

Riya Tyagi says that,

I specially thinked that it was horrifying!!

My preparation was like too much or too less, i had practised everything but forgot almost everything as well. We had discussions about questions on our school and coaching whatspp group and felt like Einstein. I had counted on so much on last year papers. I had practised all of them. A night before i did again, practised emw and ray optics. In morning, i woke up at 5 and just read the whole humongous volumes of SL Arora. I reached the centre about 9:30, and i just recognized that i have forgotten the whole chapter of emw. Well i dont say my preparation was in vain, it was just i hadn’t practised those new questions that came up that’s why they were difficult to me.

Here’s how my exam story:

9:45 – Why did they give the answer sheets so early!? So let’s pray to god- god help me, make me the best, make me do each and every question, thank you god!

10:15- I wish that invigilators stand me up and ask me to check the sealing. They cut off the first seal, and wow there is another seal, and i wish to see the papers now, but heck!there’s another seal. Now i wish to see another seal and there are these papers.

And few seconds later i have the sealed treasure in my hands. Let’s rock it, i said.


Reading time:

Sec A: wow i know that answer, i know this too, damn this one too , wait i dont know this one, who cares will figure it out till end, so easy this one.

Sec B: done, will have to think about this one, ho jaega ye bhi, god i have done this one like hundred times, formula aata he, ye subah hi kia tha ho jaega, cant say for this one

Sec C: easy, damn easy, done, god why LED, done, done again, riya tu to top krne vali he, la la la, umm idk, done, wow best one, doneeee

Sec D : ncert, what the hell is thisss, ho jaega ye bhi

10:20- Should i make the strategy in left 10 minutes? Nah, pray to god -.-

Writing time:

10:30- Whats happening to my hand writing.

Sec A: yea i think i am writing value points, i will write extra too, wait it has negative sign, was it half of total charge of half of single charge, lets leave it ; lets leave this too for now, done this one

Sec B: used a whole single page to do that ques to end up with a wrong answer, cut the whole thing out; i think i am doing right; yea i think this one is right too;my fav one; yea fine; gosh i forgot how to this, was it of dc that i learnt and its ac here, what should i do!!!!; leave it

Sec C: easy, done, done, what wait, its led, why i am writing about photo diode! But if this is photodiode how led works!! Mumma!!!! ; practicals helped; know this one but what were the readings on graph!!!; damn is this of semiconductor or current or magnetism! Wait was the ques i read was of I vs V or V vs I, god help meee!!!! Done this, leave this, done, done but i know what are side bands but how should i use the words!!!! What do donor and acceptor levels do?!

Sec D: i know this one- made diagram- what now? I forgot!!!!!!, done but whats this graphhh, nice this one but whats wrong with last ques.

1:00- i was left with 9 incomplete answers and so i rushedddd

1:15- 3 ques more left hurrryyyyyy

1:30- Times up pens down- when i heard this i flipped page and noooooooo i had left this one too- and paper was given

1:31- discussion- shitttttt i left this one toooooo nooo


Outside hall:

None of the 60 ques i did of emw helped me,and the displacement current gave me shook, and where were those repeated questions,they all went hiding.

It all was a bluff. I don’t know how my exam went or how much i am expecting, let by gone be bygones. The exam was perfectly easy to get passed, but for toppers it needed toil, real toil. My set was 2.

Asit Kumar says that,

It was simply a mixed blend of emotions.

Section A- easy

Section B- easy

Section C- one to two confusing questions but was easy.

After i completed section C i was feeling like Einstein of myself. Then came section D.1st question easy, second to prove intensity at point P is Io/4 than central fringe. F*ck whats this. No idea moved ahead. Third question numerical . Hush solved.

Came back to derivation drew diagrams so to obtain dusted marks and ‘jaise taise’ i derived it. Hope teacher doesnt take much notice.

Now came the deadliest question of all from semi conductors. At both question i fumbled in between but how so ever wrote and drew diagram.

I have no idea whether second part is correct or not.( im sure of debarring myself from Electrical engineering.. Semiconductors never understood me and i am sucked at it)

Question 3 was from biot savarts law. Easy.

Overall paper was moderate.

Paper was lengthy too. Having fast speed i completed five minutes before. Didn’t have the time to revise also.

Lets hope for the best!!

PS-Numericals turned the game out.


Abhay Kanwar says that,

Let’s begin it here.

I’ve been working hard in Physics since December and have been very tensed about my physics exam.

So today’s exam was a bit moderate.

Section A and B were easy. Section C was difficult and out of NCERT a bit.

I completed my theory part till 1:00 pm and then moved over to numericals ( I had no hopes for them). Basically the exam was moderate with 4-5 very difficult questions. I’m expecting 50+ .