Is CBSE playing with Student’s Life?

Is CBSE playing with Student’s Life?

Before answering this question, just read the points below and give your opinion.

1. 12 class boards…come on. You call that a boards exam. Where every year each student gets 10 grace marks in maths just because the paper was a little “hard” and where scoring 95 in English is just a smooth ride even for a student who struggles to write a leave application to the principal. If you don’t get more than 94% you suck, because sharma ji’s son just scored 99.6%.

2. Making sure no one fails till 9th standard because it makes sense to have a bunch of students failing 9 th grade than failing 7th or 8th grade.

3. Getting 2–3 question wrong every year in every exam of JEE MAINS or NEET. I still don’t understand how they manage to get questions wrong despite having so many experts.

4. Introducing CCE so that students spend their holidays in preparing mindless and useless projects that are actually sometimes made by their parents or elders.


5. Telling students that a beautifully decorated file will get more marks than a beautifully researched file.

6. In an era where scoring 10 on 10 CGPA is a cakewalk, the cutoff for science stream is 7.6, which makes sure that every other below par student takes up science stream just because everyone else is doing so. And then we have a bunch if guys who flunk 11 grade because shit just got real here guys.

7. They provide the worst career counselling. The reason is, they don’t even provide career counselling. They conduct “so called” Parents teacher meeting in which they embarrass the student with average marks and let him feel that he is the ”Bojh” on earth.

Rigidity: Not only CBSE but the entire Indian education system is highly rigid in nature.