So it’s that time of the year again. Relatives and neighbours obsessively asking, “Beta, result kaisa raha?” because well, over the generations, we have hyped this modest examination to such a great degree that it has been stamped a benchmark of every Indian teenager’s life. No, I’m not against education, but surely the CBSE Board Exams are beyond overrated. Here are five perceptions, about the most glorified exam of Indian academics that need busting:

 #1: These exams are a deciding factor of your life.

In my opinion, exam results affect one’s future but they don’t decide it. I feel, we only decide our future, by doing or not doing something about it.

 #2: Anything less than 90% isn’t good.

Lets say someone fails in an exam. The reason can be anything as given in question details: it may not be the their day, even after studying throughout the year, only those questions are asked which were not read/prepared for, or an accident or illness. This only decides the result of THAT exam. What you do after that, is decided by you only.


 #3: Work hard this one time; your life is set then.

From my observation, Exam results only matter up to a certain time. My school exam results mattered till I entered college. My college exam results mattered till I got placed in a company. Now the thing that matters is, what I do in my job, not my marks.

#4: Studies first, friends later.

No words on this myth , picture below describes everything.

 #5: No one wants to marry someone with poor grades.

Even if we go by the typical Indian standards of the “perfect” girl (fair, doe-eyed virgin) or the “perfect” boy (tall NRI with a 6-figure paycheque), a 90% result in these exams doesn’t guarantee she/he will be that “perfect” spouse. Marriage web-portals need a serious reality check before asking 10th and 12th marks (as mandatory fields) in the profile.


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