Concepts of Physics by HC Verma is not Error free

Even the best Physics text books are not completely error free.

The Feynman Lectures on Physics” (Written by Richard Feynman of all people and now considered one of the best Physics books ever written) had SO many errors when it was initially released. There were some errors where he would make some general statement which would turn out to be true only under specific conditions.

A student actually wrote to Feynman complaining of such a case. She had written Feynman’s statement in an exam and her professor had not given her marks. Feyman wrote back acknowledging the error but said that in science one should not believe anything blindly , not even Feyman. You should apply your logic and think about it. If you don’t think its right ; don’t blindly accept it.

Of course H C Verma’s Concepts of Physics is a different book than Feynman Lectures as in it being on a lesser level of difficulty and having lesser depth. But it have errors too. But, the new versions of Concepts of Physics have corrected most of them though. There are few errors of minor nature. We could notice following errors:

Volume 1

  • Chapter 3: Rest and Motion: Kinematics, Exercise 44: “The benches of a gallery in a cricket stadium are…” Given answer is Sixth whereas it should be fifth.
  • Chapter 10: Rotational Mechanics, Objective I, Question 19: “A person sitting firmly over a rotating stool has his arms…” Given answer is 2011 and old prints is (c) whereas it should be (b). It is corrected in 2015 print of the book.

Volume 2

  • Chapter 24: Kinetic Theory of Gases, Exercise 32: “A container of volume 50 cc contains air…” Given answer for part (a) is 0.058 g wheras it should be 0.063 g.
  • Chapter 32: Electric Current in Conductors, Section 32.2 on Pg. 173: The formula for drift velocity given in Concepts of Physics is Vd=(eE/2m)t. On the other hand, the formula given in most NCERT Class 12 books is Vd=(eE/m)t.

If you don’t find these errors in the new version of Concepts of Physics. Calm down! as I said earlier, the new versions of Concepts of Physics have corrected most of them though.

But, whatever I read in HC Verma’s Concepts of Physics(long back), I find it interesting, logical and correct enough to fulfill my academic needs. But one thing I’m sure that, this is one of the best books I’ve seen for JEE preparation.