Deepak Kalal thrashed by police on throwing party after CarryMinati call him man

The Internet has been going crazy over the new battle Youtube vs TikTok. Many TikTok stars posted videos trolling YouTubers. This enraged the Indian youtube army and many of them took it as a challenge.

The Youtube army battle frontier CarryMinati aka Ajay Nager recently uploaded a video roasting many TikTokers such as Manjul, Faisu and many more. He trolled Amir Siddique in particular.

In his video, he called Deepak Kalal “Man” compared to TikTokers. These words from CarryMinati made Deepak Kalal the happiest person on earth.

In his happiness and excitement, he forgot about the lockdown and social distancing and threw a party to his Well-Wishers.

This party brought harsh luck for Deepak Kalal. Police stomped the party and thrashed Deepak Kalal for breaching the social-distancing.

But on the other hand, this video brought good luck for Ajay Nagar. His video broke many records. His video is trending since then. Well wishes to Carry Minati and waves of laughter on TikTokers. is the official website of Commonsense is seriously complex. Our articles are strictly for entertainment purposes. Explore our “About” page for more information. For more content, check our Facebook Page or give us a follow on Instagram.