Don’t troll 14 year old nibbas! Study suggests they are good hearted person

Memes Trend may come and go, but the act of memeing will never die as long as the Internet exists. This summer we had already seen many memes trend like JCB and “oh-shit here we go again” etc.

But do you still see memes on them floating on your timeline? Naah! Because a new meme trend has arrived which we generally know by the name of “14 year old nibbas”.

We have seen that memers never miss a chance of trolling when they figured out a new meme trend. And similarly memers also this time give their lot of love and support to these 14 year old nibbas.


But a recent study suggests that 14 year old nibbas are more good hearted person than us. Reason is we have seen in many memes that get very emotional on things which are common for us but mean a lot to them. Infact, we also see them crying in many memes.

Therefore, according to this study people who get emotional early and cry on very small things have a pure heart. These type of people are better friends because they never hesitate in showing their feelings. We all fear being judged as weak or allowing ourselves to express freely but those who can cry in front of others have less of such fears.

But we also need to understand that tearfulness is frequently associated with depression and anxiety. They can be easily depressed. And thus, may be they are also depressed because we are making memes on them. It’s better to get fame but our 14 year old nibbas wants a peaceful life and doesn’t want to expose their personal life in front of others.

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