Government is opening new IITs for the aspirants who failed in JEE

Joint Entrance Exam aka JEE is considered as one of the prestigious exams of India. Every year millions of students prepare for this exam and from which only a few deserving students get the chance to enter IITs and NITs. While we all experienced a fact that every year the toughness level of this exam is increasing. Maybe because of the increasing number of the aspirants every year.

Therefore, every year many dreams of being an IITian vanished because of the limited seats in IITs and NITs. But now taking all these facts as a consideration, our Indian Government decided to open new IITs for the aspirants who failed in JEE. Due to which aspirants now try to fail in the exam and so that the competition of the exam will become low. In this way,  now every kid can pursue his dream of being an IITian.

While the Indian Government also stated that the mastermind behind this beautiful idea is the same guy who came up with the idea of CAB and NRC. Guess the name and share this article with your friends. is the official website of Commonsense is seriously complex. Our articles are strictly for entertainment purposes. Explore our “About” page for more information. For more content, check our Facebook Page or give us a follow on Instagram.