Happy Birthday Irrfan Khan: Here are 7 Facts We Bet You Didn’t Know About Irrfan Khan

Unconventional looks, no godfather in Bollywood and no story of exponential rise in the industry! It’s Irrfan Khan, the actor, the person and the global Indian.  He is possibly the best method actor of Indian Cinema who also has earned himself an admiration in Hollywood. Irrfan Khan’s journey has been impressive and the actor has achieved something that no other Indian has. Without any further delay, let’s take a look at some of the amazing facts from his life that we bet you didn’t about him.

His real name is Sahabzade Irrfan Ali Khan. Because of his disliking towards his long name, he started removing words from his name which eventually got reduced to just Irrfan.

Irrfan khan became an actor by chance.  He wanted to be a cricketer but his parents disapproved of it. As if by stroke of luck, he got a scholarship to attend NSD (National School of Drama). He was pursuing MA in Jaipur at that time. And he lied about having past theater experience to get in. By all means, it was a ‘good lie.’

His belonged to the feudal class, a family of zamindars. His mother was a peaceful and a spiritual lady and his father ran a tyre business and liked going for hunting in the Jungle. Therefore, his father used to tease him by saying ‘he is a brahmin  born in a Pathan family’ just because of his disliking towards eating non-vegetarian and hunting.

When he arrived in Bombay, he worked as a air conditioner repair man. One of the first houses he visited to repair a air conditioner was the house of superstar Rajesh Khanna.

In his first Bollywood movie Salaam Bombay, his role was cut short during production because of his long height.

He was offered a big role in Interstellar, but turned it down as he was expected to stay in USA for four months at a stretch and he was also committed to Lunch Box and D-Day at that time.

He is the only Bollywood Actor who appeared in more than 5 Hollywood movies including The Amazing Spiderman, Life of Pi, Inferno and the most recent one The Jurassic Park.