Here’s The 6 Facts that Google Knows About You.

Here’s how much Google knows about you.

Have you ever looked at your phone and felt that you are being watched? The feeling itself gives us a cringe but apparently this is how it is. Today our lives have become more connected online than in the real world.

Be it professional or personal meets, a simple coffee date, a trip to a nearby destination, a new purchase, booking air tickets, everything is done on internet these days. Privacy is a myth today. There’s someone constantly spying on our lives and has all our personal details.

image source: TheTechNews

Recent Facebook-Cambridge Analytica Scandal highlights how much our data is stored with Facebook without our knowledge. The incident highlights the importance of privacy and how it is being misused by tech companies. In the light of this a Twitter user Dylan Curran has shared how much Google knows about us. In his 30-long threads, Curran has detailed how much data Google stores without our knowledge and how to find it.


1. Google stores all your location: Google tapes your location if we have switched on your location. This happens every time we switch on our phone. It creates a timeline of all our locations since the first day we started our phone.

2. Google stores all your searches: Dylan claims that Google stores all our search history across all devices that we’ve used so far. This data is stored in a separate database by Google so clearing search history or phone history is of no help. We need to go through each device and delete everything to get rid of it.

3. Google uses personal data to create ad profiles:Google uses our information like age, gender, hobbies, income etc to create an ad profile.

4. Google stores every app or extension we use: Google stores all the app including third-party apps like Facebook or Twitter and extensions that we use in its database. It stores all the information related to these apps such as how often we use it, when do we use it and in which country do we use it.

5. Google stores all our YouTube search history:Google stores and analyses all your YouTube videos so they know our political preferences, religious beliefs, our personality type, and much more.

6. Google takeout document: Like Facebook, Google also offers an option to download all the data that it stores of us. This takeout document contains all our emails, bookmarks, contacts, Google drive files, products you’ve brought from Google, all the images you have downloaded.

Google calendar document contains information about all our events that we added and also the time of the event. The Google Drive documents contains all our files, even the deleted ones.