How To Balance PUBG And STUDY Both

Today I’m going to discuss about gaming addiction which is most common among youngsters. Can you think about the most addictive game? Yes you are thinking in the right direction. It’s none other than “PUBG MOBILE“.

I guess you visit this article beacause you might be addicted to PUBG MOBILE or wants to balance study and PUBG both.If not you are on the right track. This game was launched on mobile platform in 2018. It’s growing rapidly and has around 50+ million downloads in a short span of time. It’s trending on Play store.

There is a difference between playing game and getting addicted to it. If you play a game for about 3-4 hrs a day then you are addicted to it. So, you are not playing PUBG MOBILE in fact the game itself is playing with your life and future. What happens is, you start a round which usually lasts about 20-30 mins hoping to win the game with that “WINNER WINNER CHICKEN DINNER” title. But the final results won’t matter as you keep on playing the game with the mentality of winning this time or winning again. At the end you end up playing for about 3-4 hrs or even more in a straight go. 3-4 hrs is just an average time , youngsters even spend about more than 6 hrs. You love playing in squad with your friends or random players, killing enemies, finding that flare gun, looting the air drops and many more adventurous tasks.

But you don’t realize that how much time you are wasting in a day, in a week, in a month and so on. You would be playing this game in school, college, office and many other places where you work is different.

Let me tell you I too was addicted to this game. I started playing this game daily. And if you perform a task daily it becomes your habit. And you won’t even realize when your habit changes to addiction. I was playing this game day and night; getting those “WINNER WINNER CHICKEN DINNER” titles and ended up wasting my time. But never mind I’m not wasting now.

Instead of playing PUBG MOBILE for hours make your day productive. Engage yourself in thinks which educates you, gives you knowledge and provides experience. No one is talking about PUBG MOBILE‘s negative side as everyone is enjoying it or ignoring it. It takes away all your time and energy, results in weak eyesight, headache, neck and back pain for sitting in the same position for long hours and even social problems.

So how should you control yourself :

  • Prioritize your work. First complete them and then you can play if you want to!
  • There are many productivity apps on play-store which helps you to lock your apps for the given time period set by you. Surely this helps if you cannot control your hands.
  • Start playing other games which are less addictive. For PC users, you can try GTA V, Call Of Duty etc. Mobile users can try Ludo, Candy Crush, Mini Militia, Subway Surfer etc.
  • This one is the ultimate step. Simply uninstall the game and restrict yourself from installing it. If you have limited internet pack or slow wifi connection then this is gonna help you ?.


Now you have more time in your hand. So change your habit of playing game with something else which is more productive. I’m not talking about spending that extra time on social networking sites. Instead read books, hang out with friends, spend time with family, go play outside, do physical activities, listen to audio books, do what ever you are interested in or write blogs which I’m doing right now as my productivity tool and many other(your choice).

Now die hard PUBG fans? won’t agree this. Don’t spam me with messages that “you are a noob and you don’t now how to play”. I have played this game and my tier was “CROWN” in last season. So please start accepting reality.

If you still wish to continue playing for long hours then carry on and you may realize in the future what I stated was correct.I am not stopping you if you love the game you can play, but you can keep it limited. If you want to throw away that addiction then this article may surely help you. I’m not saying you to quit PUBG. I’m just asking you want to focus on more important things. But at some point you will need to relax and video games definitely can fill that gap. I truly believe that videogames can be part of a productive day and I hope you too believe this after reading this.

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