IIT Aspirant Switches To Commerce After Watching TVF’s Kota Factory

KOTA FACTORY: A 5-scenes arrangement by TVF, is about IIT wannabes and their battles to appreciate complex subjects like inorganic chemistry and its oddities. Whereas engineering students and college pass out are becoming homesick, IIT aspirants square measure having a tough time look the show.

Vikas, an eleventh class IIT hopeful from Bhopal, who selected himself in Bansal classes at Kota has now chosen to drop his arrangements for IIT and has rather connected for an adjustment in stream. Vikas was energized and eager about splitting IIT until he saw ‘Kota Factory’ where understudies are depicted adapting to Organic Chemistry.

Vikas revealed the real reason that, “I am good in maths as it involves understanding the concepts but when it comes to mugging up facts I struggle. Despite scoring 100/100 in maths, I barely managed to score 70% in my Xth board exams only because of this reason.

Supposedly, Vikas’ folks have recorded an appeal in court to bring down the show as it debilitates IIT hopefuls from taking the selection test. Vikas’ folks are becoming large support on social media wherever users square measure on the wait to induce a subject to outrage.

Watch KOTA FACTORY Memes here