Images Of Classic Look Of Facebook Of 2004 Will Surely Make You Feel OMG!

Facebook is like the Lady Gaga of websites: It’s always reinventing itself since 2004, and every year Facebook comes with new features and design that always confuses the million of users.


Without taking time, let’s take a look at some images of desktop version of old facebook

image source: facebook

The homepage makes it clear that this is Zuckerberg’s project: “A Mark Zuckerberg production” tags the bottom of each page. At first, Facebook was exclusive to Harvard. Later in 2004 it opened up to few more schools and the rest is history. Today, Facebook is the most popular social networking website in the world.

image source: facebook

This is what profiles looked like, before Timeline, Chat Heads and Cover Photos, back then, when you had to look someone up and click on their profile to see what they had posted.