Is it a trend in India to crack JEE with the help of coaching institutes?

Because coaching institutes are the heroes that the Indian students need right now but not the ones they deserve. [Funny, how tweaking the Dark Knight quote fits almost everywhere.]

Yes, it is a trend in India to crack JEE with the help of coaching institutes.

Why? Because the Indian schooling system fails us. Earlier, schools were supposed to focus on all round development of the child, but tend to focus on the child’s Board marks ONLY. It is a trend to clear JEE with the help of coaching institutes, because that is probably the only alternative left with the people now. Schools were supposed to provide Quality education to the students, but today they are failing miserably in this job they are designated to do.

I do understand why some people resent coaching classes, because they say that these “cram schools” tend to kill the creativity and original thinking of students since an early age. Even I saw an advertisement of JEE coaching package from 6th grade itself. What next can you expect? Physics classes for pregnant mothers who can listen to the lectures and transmit it to the womb? Or maybe micro-print version of HC Verma’s physics book for the sperms to read?


All said and done, I think coaching classes are a necessary evil. Why?

  1. Teachers at coaching classes are much more technically sound and qualified than school teachers in India. When I was in HSC, the physics and mathematics lectures at the coaching classes, were far more interesting than any lecture I had in school. They mostly compensate for the shitty rote learning that happens in the schools.

  3. Coaching classes are necessary for IIT-JEE because the syllabus is way above that of state boards or even CBSE. There is absolutely no way that you could have learned these concepts from your normal school curriculum.

  5. Being around people with similar goals keeps you highly motivated and focused. Single minded focus on one thing.

  7. It is disingenuous to label some of these classes as “cram schools”. Atleast during my JEE coaching days, most of these classes were harmless. They were conducted two-three hours a day and the teachers enjoyed explaining new concepts and the students around me enjoyed learning them as well.

  9. I agree there is a directed focus on problem-solving, but it is not like you are made to cram the problems. Each and every concept revolving around a particular topic is taught in detail, and genuine doubts are duly cleared.

  11. You can see everyone wants to achieve most in this ever-growing world. If you just stay in school, you fear you might fall behind your mates who are learning high level concepts at coaching, so seeing them you also join coaching and the cycle perpetuates itself.

Initially, coaching was supposed to be a support for weak students at school. But now, the work done by coaching class should actually be done by teachers in schools. So, yes. They’re a business running on failure of schools.