ISIS releases poster showing Messi crying blood; terror threat to 2018 World Cup finals!

The world’s most brutal terrorist organisation, the ISIS, has released a horrifying poster. It was released by the pro-ISIS media, Wafa Foundation. It shows Argentenian Football star, Lionel Messi behind bars, with blood dripping from his left eye. The poster is taken as a warning before a terrorist attack which the ISIS may be planning during 2018 FIFA World Cup that wil take place in Russia.

Besides Messi, the poster also has text and slogans written on it along with organization’s symbol. One of the text just below the 30 year old football star, reads ‘Just Terrorism’. The  words are written in blood red colour to add to the overall terrifying nature of the poster and to instill fear in the minds of people who may be thinking of attending the World Cup. On the right side of the poster in a warning tone it is written, ‘You are figting a state that does not have failure in its dictionary‘ written in grey colour.

The ISIS have released such kind of posters, to  terrify people in the past as well. This is the third poster released by the organization with the same objective, to terrify people who are willing to attend and watch FIFA World Cup from the stadiums in Russia. Whether it will have effect on people, and how the Russian authorities is able to tackle this situation is upto see. We hope the tournament goes on smoothly and we know it will because as the saying goes, ‘Barking dogs seldom bites.’