Did You Know, Why We Forget Our Dreams After Waking Up?

Eight hours of sleep every night means we spend roughly a third of our life sleeping. With this in mind, it seems strange that we don’t remember any of this time, even if we spent the whole night dreaming the most fantastic dreams, within five minutes of a dream ending, we forget 50 percent of its content, and 90 percent of our dream’s detail is lost only 10 minutes later. But why is this? Why do we forget our dreams when we try so hard to remember them?

According to the theory of dream forgetfulness which was developed by Francis Crick, co-discoverer of DNA. The function of dreams is to weed out unneeded memory connections that accumulate over time in the brain, dream recall defeats this primary evolutionary goal of dreaming. Remembering dreams can leave the brain cluttered with useless information. Dreams are, in essence, an “unlearning” process of junk memories. Therefore, our brain purposely forgets certain memories of dreams, so that our brain will not be overloaded with useless memories and emotional hangovers.

If you still want to remember dreams, you can increase your dream recall by keeping a dream journal and writing your dreams down as soon as you wake up (even before visiting the bathroom). Also, it really helps to simply tell yourself before going to bed
” I want to remember my dreams”. Say it over and over so your brain knows what is expected of it.

You will notice very quickly that you start remembering more and more of your dreams with a great amount of detail.