Meet These 3 Haunted Dolls! And The History Of These Will Not Let You Sleep Tonight

Who doesn’t like dolls, these cute human-like little figures add to a lot of positivity especially for girls. Dolls also make the best gift option. But wait what if we tell you that there are some dolls which bring Fear, Terror, Sadness?

Today, we have come up with a list of Top 3 Most Haunted Dolls! The history of these dolls will send chills down your spine.

1. Annabelle.

It was in 1970’s that a mom gifted her daughter this Raggedy Anne doll. Little did she know that this doll had something paranormal associated with itself. The doll seemed to have a mind of its own and began to move in and around the house.

image source: quora

2. Robert

This story of the doll Robert will give you shivers. Robert Eugene Otto owned this doll which he had got as a gift from a Bahamiam servant who was an expert in Black Magic.The doll used to speak, can you imagine? Yes, Eugene’s parents once heard him talk to the doll and were frightened when the doll actually replied back. Firstly, they thought that it’s a prank, but later, they realized that it’s the doll that’s speaking.

image source: quora

3. Katja

Katja was a cursed doll. The History of this doll goes back to 1730, in Russia, when a mistress was pregnant and wished for a baby boy but the opposite happened and the baby girl was burnt alive. After this had happened, the baby’s mom made a doll from the her ashes and mixed it with ceramic and porcelain. After that, all generations have guarded the doll because they believe it’s cursed. Some people say that when you stare at it for 20 seconds, it blinks at you.

image source: quora