Message Of CISTHETA For JEE Aspirants Appeared This Year

So after a long wait! we have finally got the result of JEE Advanced – 2019. (These days are not much but it’s a very hard time to pass and I had experienced it too.) Some of you might have got results better than the expectations, some might have got par expectations and some might have got it below the expectations or let’s say bad results.

I would like to congratulate all those who have got success in the examination and are now going to be admitted in some of the prestigious institutions of the nation:) Take some time and celebrate ?… Celebrate coz you have worked hard for so long sacrificing all the fun in last 2 or 3 years…celebrate coz you are among the top 1% students of the nation?… Celebrate coz you have brought pride to your family especially your parents who have sacrificed so much and feel the prestige of becoming an IITIAN?.


But above that I’ll also congratulate all those students who haven’t got results par expectation but have given there honest efforts for this prestigious examination and have worked hard to be in an IIT. May be due to some lack of effort or may be it was a bad day you failed! But you have succeeded in giving a tough fight till the last day.

Remember it’s not a cup of tea to crack IIT… You need courage and determination to take this exam…I know it’s not that easy to come out of it as I had felt it too but with this I would like you all to analyse yourself that what went wrong and would ask you to appreciate the journey and cherish some of those moments during your JEE prep and take some pride in your efforts coz it’s important to take the positives out of everything and see what went wrong.

Remember your parents would be disheartened to see you unhappy and sad… They have sacrificed a lot but won’t be happy to see you disheartened… Remember they’ll stand with you be it good or bad times… So don’t get disheartened and look forward for your college life or if you have decided to take a drop,be determined and focused to Crack it this time! ?:-)


Be assured if you have learnt to give your honest efforts during this journey, be it IIT, NIT or any state or private college you will definitely succeed in life 🙂 At last I would quote these beautiful lines by Nida Fazli :

Safar mei dhup toh hogi jo chal sako toh chalo
Sabhi hai bheed mei tum bhi nikal sako toh chalo

Best wishes??
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