OmPrakash Mishra Talks About Dhinchak Pooja

YouTube sensation Dhinchak Pooja & Omprakash Mishra had gripped the nation with songs such as Selfie Maine Leli Aaj and Bol Na Aunty Aau Kya.Both are at the peak of popularity now, it doesn’t matter how they became popular.

Also, “The Bol Na Aunty Aun Kya” video has been there on YouTube for about two years but it earned its recent notoriety thanks to us, the urban, educated netizens.Today he uploaded a video about the people who are commenting Abusive Language in the comments section and about Dhinchak Pooja.

One of his hater commented “We made dhinchak pooja popular for her Cringe Songs and now she is in big boss” but OmPrakash is saying that everyone should see her effort’s not mistake’s at least she has done something then only she is at that stage.

Congratulating the fans of the “young and utterly confident rapper”, that Indian Express also congratulated him for “making history in his own sweet way”.