Perfect Ways To Respond Of, “Oh, you went to IIT/NIT? You must be really smart!”?

Not necessarily what We would respond with, but here is what i think. It often gets embarrassing when people point out that you must be smart because you went to IIT/NIT. But, you don’t have to embarrass more because cistheta is going to tell you some of the best ways to respond when someone says, “Oh, you went to IIT/NIT? You must be really smart!”?

A relative, neighbor, colleague of parents – basically anyone who is > 40

“Thanks uncle. Whose nephew am I after all. Lot of people work hard but everyone doesn’t have your blessings.”

They seem to be delighted and impressed upon receiving extra respect and bless me further.

A girl whom I’ve taken out on a date

“Oh no no, I just got lucky, you know – the guy who sat in front of me during the exam was rather sharp – plus several of my guesses were spot on. It was my day.”

If she believes this, I come out as cool non-nerd IITian, if she doesn’t, I come out as funny and humble. Win-Win!

A friend from high school

“Oh no no, half my class at IIT is smarter than me. I’m just an ordinary student there”

These people believe that I’m smart from high-school itself, since I did better than them in school. So, no point in trying to argue with that. I’ve noted that my reply somehow amuses and pleases them (even if they know that I’m lying)


Someone who is smart and from a different profession (like a doctor)

“Well, there are plenty of people who’re smarter than me. Had you written JEE, you’d have smashed it, I know. ”

Immediately brings about a sense of equality and mutual admiration to the ongoing discussion.

When a prof at IIT would say in class – “You’ve all done well in JEE, you gotta be smart”

“Did I just hear a sarcastic giggle from front of the class room?”

(Naturally not aloud)

My young cousins or other young children

“Bah! Only losers write JEE and do very well in them as well. We’d make you a fashion model or an actress.”

They any way don’t know what IIT or JEE is – except what they’ve heard from their parents and frankly are too young to give a shit. Idea of being a model/actress makes them jump with joy ( because everyone, even kids know famous actors/models and find them cool).

This article was originally written by a quoran Nikhil Garg