Most Popular Myths About IITians That You Thought Were True

IIT and stories of IITians are often the hottest topics discussed among IIT aspirants & their parents. Often, discussions on it have a lot of rumors & wrong information circulating around, which adds to the already hyped IIT’s. Today, in our article we will clearly bring out the Most Popular Myths About IITians That You Thought Were True.

Myth: Everyone is placed with a salary of 30 LPA and above.

Forget the 30 LPA, not everyone gets placed here. Only about 70% of the students land a job. Further, some settle for as low as 4 LPA.

Myth: There are good-looking girls in IIT.

Don’t know who spread this lie. In IIT’s the probability of getting a decent girl reduces to one-tenth of the value which you had in high school.

Myth: Government invested lot of money in IIT’s.

According to a report of Times of India, only 2% of our taxes are used to contribute brightest of the brains to USA. Rest IITians make it through the hard way to USA. So stop portraying that IITians are living on our mercy. Do you know how much money is given to colleges at several other countries?? Maybe that is why they bring more Nobel Prizes than us.

Myth: IITians are most genius people on this planet.

Some of them will compel you to say, “Bhai tu JEE mein kiske piche baitha tha?” People coming out of IIT’s are not the best in India. In fact, people going into the IIT’s are among the best in India.

Myth: Life is set after getting into an IIT.

JEE was just one hurdle among those many which you must face in your life to be a successful person. That doesn’t mean that whoever doesn’t qualify JEE remains unsuccessful. IIT simply makes your path a little less inflictive.

Myth: All IIT professors are way better than those in other, non-IIT colleges.

A lot of professors really are better. But the proportion of high quality teachers is far lesser than what outsiders expect it to be. Most of the lectures are boring, and students sleep in classes.

Myth: IITians are nerds. They don’t know how to party.

There are people like that, but in very small quantity. But trust me, the rest of them do know how to party. Just get into one of the halls having hall day and see IITians having fun.