A Message from CiSTheta about Pulwama Attack

With a heavy heart I am writing this blog. Our condolences are with the families of those soldiers who lost their life in such yesterday’s attack.

Yesterday was Valentine’s day, while human beings were celebrating spirit of love Terrorist carried out one of the most henious attack in recent times. The attack was on CRPF truck carrying a troop of 40 soldiers.

It was a suicide attack, where a car full of explosives collided with the truck. A video of a kashmiri named Alim Dar has also surfaced in which he is stating his intentions of carrying such cowardly act with pride. He is said to be from the terrorist outfit Jaish e Mohammad as they have claimed responsibility of this attack on our soldiers.


Following this attack a wave of uproar is seen demanding a second surgical strike, along with the usual condemnation from all sections of Indians. And we cistheta also condemn this attack in strongest possible words. But it is also true condemning such incidents will not stop such incidents. We are no security experts but it is not to say that India has security glitches and these incidents will keep on repeating until India deals with iron hand and work on securing our borders, and also cracking on internal militancy.

This attack was by a kashmiri, the government needs to look into the matter why Kashmiri’s takes up arms and don’t consider themselves Indian. I also love my country and an educated kashmiri does not feel the same. May be we should work on root causes. Alienating and demonizing an entire will make it even harder for India. Also if surgical strike was a solution why it happened again within two years. We can kill a human being, but not ideas; it is the idea that needs to be killed.

~emotionally written by Shahbaz Khan