R.K. Verma Perfect Answer for What to do just before the JEE(main) Examination 2018?

Mr. Ram Kishan Verma, an edupreneur synonymous with success in cracking IIT-JEE, was born in a small village in the Kota district in the state of Rajasthan. He excelled throughout his schooling, in himself clearing the IIT-JEE and as an Electrical & Electronics Engineering student at IIT-Madras.After completing his B.Tech. in 1994, he joined BHEL as a Trainee Engineer .

Following a brief stint at BHEL, the dream of becoming an edupreneur resulted in the genesis of Resonance, founded by Mr . R.K. Verma in 2001 at Kota itself. Since then, Resonance has taken leaps and bounds forward under his leadership and his persistent quest to take it to the pinnacle of success & excellence.

What to do just before the JEE(Main) Exam?

What to study during one or two weeks before the Exam?

You should focus on revision of formulae, important reactions, statements. Revise main pattern tests, main pattern DPP’s.

How to attempt the exam pattern? Which subject I should start first, the second and so on?

Before you start attempting the paper first of all read the general instructions carefully. A good Attempting sequence would be

  1. On every page attempt the question with least text. While solving if it takes time, leave it and proceed to next such question.
  2. On each page see diagram/ graph and attempt it, if you feel confident by seeing it.
  3. Irrespective of subject continue to follow the above two methods till end.
  4. Now it’s time to attempt remaining questions, start attempting those which are from topics of your confidence or of easier topics.
  5. This way you will have toughest / longest questions at the end. By then you would have attempted maximum doable questions and ensured a good score for yourself.


How to manage the three hours time to maximize the performance in the exam? (Time Management)

Follow the test attempting sequence, keep cool, keep calm and be confident in any situations. Be fast in reading, writing and doing numerical calculations.

How to control/ reduce negative marking while attempting the paper?

Read the question carefully. Underline important things. Do numerical calculations in paper (Not oral) and correctly. Also speak (in mind, not openly) while calculating.

How to fill the OMR sheet. Which approach should I follow?

For each question you get answer confidently, fill the answer in OMR sheet immediately. Don’t leave answers to be filled in end.

How to remain less stressed and calm headed during the exam days (the last one/two weeks)?

You will get what you did for the 1 / 2 / 3 years during preparation. Not more / less than that. Sometimes by through revision/ hard work after completion of course, many students have tremendously improved their scores…means history can be drastically improved.

  1. Make a brief of each chapter in max 1 page/ chapter. It will make you feel “ I have my whole syllabus mutthi main”, which will always keep you confident.
  2. Keep talking to your parents/ brother/ sister personally or on phone everyday for sometime( max 30 min) not about studies….general chit-chat. It will keep you fresh, energized and relaxed.
  3. Also talk to your teachers immediately whenever you feel less confident or demotivated .
  4. Keep yourself happy/ motivated that you are having one (not the only one) of the important opportunities in front of you as the turning point of your life. Listen to  motivating songs like Hall of Fame, Stronger than ever, Written in the Stars etc.


How to segregate the questions in the paper as easy, tough and moderate?

By following the test attempting sequence (short text questions, questions with diagram/graph followed with questions from your comfort topics and lastly the ones which are tough or long calculations are needed) you would be able to segregate the questions in a natural and right manner.

How to handle tricky questions-Attempt or leave?

By segregation of questions, you would be able to identify the questions as immediately doable or to be attempted later on or to not attempt it.

How to spend the last day and night just before the exam day?

One day before then exam day go and see where is the centre to know the exact location, correct route and time taken to reach the centre. One week before the exam start sleeping at 11/12 in night and get up at 6 A.M.  It will help to adjust your body clock and maintain schedule in normal and healthy way. It would also help you to reach centre much before the exam.

How to check my performance after the examination is over?

Visit www.cisthetaglobal.com at noon (2-3 hours after the exam is over) for answer key.