Rules If You Are Watching Avengers Endgame With Me

The most-awaited movie of 2019 is only two weeks far away from us. Many people who observes Marvel Movies in deep has created stories or spoilers that can probably will happened. But still, every Avenger’s fan curiosity level is so high because nobody exactly knows what’s going to happen in this movie. So like me…everyone is going to watch the movie on first day-first show and wants to know how our Avengers beat Thanos. But we all Marvel Fans are so dope that we don’t want to miss any scene of this movie. So here are some rules CISTHETA thinks everyone should follow who is going to watch this movie with true Marvel Fan…

  • We will be seated at least 15 minutes before the movie starts. By chance, if you don’t come at time..I will go inside the theatre and watch movie alone.
  • No one use mobile while watching movie. If you want to text someone or call someone, wait till the break. Otherwise, I’m not responsible for your mobile damage.
  • There will be no unnecessary talking or chewing during the movie. If you talk and I miss something important, I will hit you with my shoe.


  • Don’t ask me anything because you should’ve watched recaps like a smart person. It’s necessary that you had already watched Avengers:Infinity War.
  • You will cry, laugh and gasp at appropriate times. Take it easy with your drink because there will be no bathroom breaks.
  • Don’t ask me what’s going to happen next. As we all know, we all are going to watch movie first time.
  • At the end of the movie, we will sit and wait until the credits have finished. Repeat! don’t ask me to leave the movie unless all the credits have been finished.
  • We will discuss our thoughts and feelings about the movie on the following day when I’m no longer an emotional wreck.

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