Should I also boycott subject of languages of different religion in school?

Now-a-days all social platform is flooding with Jabalpur’s zomato delivery boy customer controversy in which the hindu client refused to take food from him as he was of another religion. After that, the muslim delivery boy also said that, “I am hurt but what can I do…we are poor people.”

And believe me his statement after that controversy broke my heart to several uncountable pieces! Infact, many fellow people are still supporting that shitty client for his act. And blaming Zomato services also that this is zomato’s responsibilty to check whether the client and delivery boy is of same religion or not!

Cold Religious war is happening in India from a long time ago, but now I think it has gone to a very dirty level. And now the time has arrived to finish this cold war between people of different religions.


I just wrote this blog as a student, and requesting other students to stop such act if it is also happening near you and if your parents or relatives also doing such act. Ask them, should i also boycott the subject of language of different religions like you. Should I also boycott the exam if invigilator is of different religion.

I know school department will refuse and will fail you in exams like Zomato!

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