Singers That Are Giving Tough Competition To Dhinchak Pooja!

Almost every Indian knows Dhinchak Pooja because of her irritating songs “Selfie mene leli aaj” , “Swag vali Topi”, “Dilon ka Shooter” and many more. But, Dhinchak Pooja is not alone. There are many singers which are giving tough competition to Dhinchak pooja and believe me some singers are more worst than Dhinchak pooja. Unfortunately, they are not famous like Dhinchak Pooja but there songs are enough to torture you.


Bolna aunty aau kya? Ghunti me bajau kya? Sot me lagau kya?….these lyrics of this song are enough to tell about this song. Hahahaha….hope you like!


These song has become viral in youtube and reach to million of viewers. This song has also many version in Gujrati ,Marathi and many more.

3 The Delhi Metro Song

. This song is an amazing tribute to the metro of Delhi. After watching this video, Arvind Kejriwal will surely never go in a metro.

4 Desi Spiderman

Spiderman fans, one request to you “never watch this video”. I said never.

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