Stay Away from These Misconceptions If You want To Crack JEE

Nearly every engineering aspirant wants to be in IITs to pursue their dream. However, most candidates don’t get into IIT due to certain misconceptions. This is usually caused due to peer pressure or other external influence. Candidates preparing to appear for JEE Mains and JEE Advanced are already under huge pressure. Adding to that are the misconceptions that block their minds. Some aspirants hence quit in the middle.

If you want to crack JEE, stay away from these misconceptions given below: JEE IS NOT MY CUP OF COFFEE

Aspirants often quit due to this reason!  Every IIT Aspirant is full of energy when they start preparing, but in the course of time the energy level goes down completely in major cases within 1-2 months after starting. The phrase DO NOT QUIT works in every aspect of life, definitely JEE is tough but quiting is never the right option, keep looking for solution of the problems you face, no two persons are same so is their problem & only you know what is stopping you from achieving your goals. Introspect your performance after every test, try not to repeat same mistakes again. Did you walk so far only to leave it in middle ? REFERRING TOO MANY BOOKS WILL HELP 

There is a famous Chinese quote “I am not afraid by the 1000 moves you practiced one one time, I am afraid of that one move you practiced 1000 times”
It doesn’t matter how many books you solve at shallow level, what’s most important is how throughly you solve that one good book you have.


“Hard work beats talent” true, but hardwork should be in right direction.
Remember Work Done is zero if Force is perpendicular to Displacement.
Channelize your energy in the right direction.


This is the most illogical question ever. It doesn’t matter how many hours you study, what matters is how effectively you study. What’s the point in holding a book for 6 hours and understanding or learning nothing, probably your parents will be happy  ‘mera beta/beti toh din bhar padhti rehti hai‘.


Speed is a factor but not when you are solving at home. Its ok to invest time at home (effectively). A problem which took half an hour at home, will be with you forever and that will help you during exams.
‘The more you sweat in practice, the less you bleed in battle field’.

And at last but not the least don’t be so under much pressure … 
Life does not end with JEE
Not every IITian is successful person
Not every successful person is an IITian

Be sincere but without tension
There is a thin line between the two make sure you don’t​ cross it.
All the best!!!!