Story Of These Indian Hackers Will Surely Generate your Interest in Cyber Security.

Computer hackers are almost always celebrated, whether they fall in the ‘black’ or ‘white’ side of the law. But you rarely get to hear about Indian hackers in our own media. And especially when these hackers are decisively helping organizations and governments in positive ways they ought to be celebrated. Here are some best Indian hackers we all should know of.

The legion

After a couple of high-profile hacks, which even saw Rahul Gandhi losing access to his Twitter account and emails of many prominent people including journalist Barkha Dutt dumped out in the open, everyone is asking who is Legion. The hackers — or is it just a lone wolf — who have hacked Rahul GandhiBarkha DuttVijay Mallya and now are going after Lalit Modi, claim that their group is called Legion. They have become active on Twitter and are supposedly threatening everyone in India who they believe is corrupt.

“Okay Brothers we’re back. #legion. Support our cause to expose the rats in our system,” the Legion recently tweeted. The “group” also exhorts that people should expose the corrupt persons by leaking their details to Legion through an email id. The mail is hosted on SIGAINT, a fairly secure email service available to public.

So who exactly are the guys — or girls — behind Legion and how they are hacking into the accounts of prominent people in India? The answer to first question is that we don’t know. And it is fairly certain that anyone, other than probably a handful of people, really know at the moment. As for how they are doing it, the answer is again we don’t know for sure. Though there is a pattern.

Anand Prakash

An ex-student of VIT, Vellore from hacking Uber(to get free rides) to hacking all Facebook accounts. Anand Prakash is a white hat hacker working with Cyber crime gurgaon police to help them solve criminal cases. He was earlier working with Flipkart

He bags second position in Twitter’s bug bounty list in the world(2015). I personally think he is a nice person as he could have sold those critical bugs to any terrorist group or a large company and could have become a billionaire but he reported the bugs.


Some of his acheivments :

  • Among top hackers on Uber’s bug bounty program in India.
  • Worked with Cyber crime Gurgaon police to help them in solving cyber cases.
  • Reported a vulnerability in which could have leaked data of 62.5 million users.
  • 2nd position in Twitter’s bug bounty list in the world (2015)
  • Reported a vulnerability in facebook.

Source: Wikipedia

Deepanker Chawla

A Security Engineer at Hike Messenger, hacking Yahoo, Snapchat , Uber ,Twitter, Slack and many more popular website has disclosed 382 bugs till now receiving minimum of 250$ to 10,000$ on each bug.

Not much famous but a PRO who believes, “The quieter you become the more you are able to hear” .

Deepanker Chawla: A bug bounty hunter’s path to America

People thinking why didn’t I mention hackers like Ankit Fadia and Rahul Tyagi. I want to make it clear they aren’t good hackers at all. They surely are great mentors, they can teach some beginner’s techniques that they know and they can’t even implement those techniques themselves to hack.

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