Ever since the release of Bahubali: The Beginning in 2015, fans have been eagerly awaiting the sequel . The burning question in everyone’s minds was “Why did Kattappa kill Bahubali?” and then innumerably many theories, jokes and memes did the rounds. The Bahubali team i must compliment, closely guarded the secret, in every single interview and media interaction.

While the release of Bahubali 2: The Conclusion, this mystery has been effectively solved by director SS Rajamouli . However, there were some questions in the audience’s mind which the film did not address.

1. Who/where was Bhallaladeva’s wife?

In Bahubali: The Beginning, we saw a scene where Mahendra Bahubali, with a single swish of his sword, sends Bhallaladeva’s son Bhadra’s head flying far(really far) in the air. But we never see or hear of the wife of Rana Daggubati’s character. Last year, there were reports that in a tabloid that Shriya Saran had been roped in for the part, but she rubbished the news calling it a  rumour.

Given that the other women in the film (Sivagami, Devasena and Avanthika) were strong characters, it would have been interesting to see what Bhallaladeva’s wife would have been like. Evil incarnate, like her husband? Or a kind hearted lady? We will never know.Did bhallaladev adopt a child (really?)

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2. What is Avanthika’s story?

We cannot forget the fierce warrior Avanthika of Bahubali: The Beginning. She has almost put on blinkers to protect herself from distraction from her one and only goal – to free the shackled and jailed Devasena. But, why is she so motivated to giving away her youth and if need be, life, to the cause of protecting Dev sena?

One may argue that she is driven by the same love that the subjects had for Amarendra Bahubali and Devasena, but that seems unlikely, as Baahubali was killed either before her birth or when she was only a baby. Baahubali 2 has no answers for her intense desire to avenge Devasena’s humiliation.was she a survivor of the destroyed kingdom that Dev sena originally belonged to ?(guesses)


3. Why do the people of Maishmati meekly accept Bhallaladeva’s tyranny without putting up a fight?

“If Amarendra Baahubali is killed, the people of Mahishmati will revolt. There will be a civil war,” shivgami’s character says in Baahubali 2. It is no secret that the “praja” of Mahishmati adore Bahubali. There is even a scene where they literally shake Bhallaladeva up. They are ready to take up arms and even kill for him (also, cheer for him with great enthusiasm)

But when Baahubali is killed and his wife Devasena is openly chained and tortured in public view, they are mute. In fact, as Baahubali: The Beginning showed, the tyrant king Bhallaladeva loots and tortures even the subjects, but no one even bats an eyelid in protest.


4.Why does Dev Sena not fight in the final war,when she was a trained archer

Dev sena was established as a trained warrior who learnt the trick to shoot three arrow shots in one go from baahubali and yet doesn’t do anything in the final war.Bhallaladev had literally set her entire maternal rajya ablaze (you do that an indian women and the consequences are dire). He had off course, also killed her husband and supposedly her son too

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5.Why was Aslam khan not called for,in the Final war

The first part had Aslam khan mention that he would be here to help anytime. Sudeep is an extremely talented actor and was established an skilled trader in arms.He could have actually been instrumental in destroying the wholeof  bhallal dev’s army! So why wasn’t he called in?

6.How did Shivagami manage to save the child

The soldiers had come looking for Shivagami and she was apparently shot dead by an arrow.The Soldier did go looking for her down the valley. how does she manage to save the baby?

Well, we certainly would have loved  baahubali 2 to do justice to all the questions raised or is there a bahubali 3 ?

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