Things You Should Never Do On The Internet

Internet is like the Amazon forest. You will find everything; from useful information to the dark web. If there is no proper guidance, you will be lost forever and sometimes you will pay a huge price, or end up giving your life. I would like to give a few tips on what not to do on the internet:


There are many misconceptions about pornography in India. I am busting a few myth here:

1. Watching porn is legal in India, but not creating it. If you are involved in creating and uploading it, then it is a punishable offence.

2. Many times, out of revenge, people upload nude pics of their partner. It is a crime.

3. Watching porn is legal, but if you force someone to watch porn, then you will be in trouble.

4. Child Pornography of any kind- watching, distributing, saving, can land you in jail.

Trolling and Stalking

If you think online trolling is safe for you, then you are living in stone age.

1. When a person posts lewd comments on social media, they are liable under Section 354A of the IPC and can be punished with one year of imprisonment and fine. Remember, your implicit “comment” can land you in prison.

2. Online Stalking: An attempt to contact a woman to foster personal interaction, despite her clear disinterest, and monitoring her through Internet, email or through any other electronic communication is stated as an offence under Section 354D of the IPC. You can face 3 years to 5 years of jail term.

3. Impersonating Accounts And spreading hate. Few days ago, some people were involved with impersonating my Instagram account. If you don’t know, then section 416 is waiting for you. Spreading hate in any form, whether it is individual or communal, is not good either.


1. Downloading free movies, songs is illegal in India. There is a 3 years jail term for downloading, watching or distributing pirated movies.

2. Clicking on random links invites viruses in your system. Free lottery which you have never applied for, you will end up paying bitcoins.

3. Free WiFi, trust me it is dangerous. If you log on to a free wifi account and then do your banking or buy something online, you may put yourself at risk of being scammed.


Free Quiz

People are quite crazy about these questions:

Which historical figure were you in the past?

Your face matches with which superstar?

Which Avenger are you?

“What Game of Thrones” character are you?”

Quite funny? Right.

You allow access to your private information while clicking on this links.

Freedom of Speech

People have mistaken freedom of speech with something else. When terrorists like Yakub Menon and Kasab were hanged, citizens rushed to their laptop to show their opinion.

1. Spreading any kind of message which is against Supreme court, is not good. It is contempt of court and enough to land you in prison.

2. When people log on to World Wide Web, they tend to forget that if you won’t follow rules, you may ruin your life forever.

3. They think trolling, abusing, sending obscene messages on Twitter, Quora, Facebook is fun. Then, for your information:

4. If FIR is lodged, then these social networking will provide every information about you. Every activity (whether it is anonymous or not, log in information, place) will be shared with the judiciary department.

5. Don’t spread hate, it might be fun for you. But, you should also know the consequences.

I got a very good question in my mind, that millions of people watch pirated stuffs, our government has no control over torrent and all. I agree, government can’t put million people in prison for watching or distributing pirated things.

Let me explain how it works.

Direct Complain: FIR is lodged, responsible people will be prosecuted.

Indirect Procedure: Allow me to explain. Let’s say you trolled me abusively, included graphic sexual content. I didn’t like and lodged an FIR against you with proofs. The Cyber police will raid your home and the first thing they will seize is your Mobile and Laptop. They will open your laptop in their lab. Your browser history is open.

Let’s say you are involved in child pornography. First offense.

You sent/distributed porn from mobile, second offense.

Your laptop consists of pirated materials, third offense.

Since all these are crime, you will be prosecuted for all crimes. Because it is a criminal offense.

If someone commits a murder, he/she is not charged with murder only.