If there is a Third World War, where is the safest place to be?

Modern World seems very convinced that World War 3 can happen anytime. So, there are companies that have already started building bunkers filled with all the essentials that anyone need for everyday survival. However, the targeted market is only for the super-rich, so what about the rest of us?


According to Peter Baskerville, a teacher and one of the top writers in Quora, Said that the southern island is by far one of the nearest habitual places that will be away from the action; and the land is fertile with a supply of fresh water, and it has a decent sized population. While, Many users are saying Perth and Africa is also one of the best city to live in the case of war.



I would like to be in the place where I would die first. If a WW3 occurs it will be so horrific that even if I survive, it will be to starve in the cold in a wasteland of ash, possibly blind and limbless, certainly friendless and with my family dead. When the end comes, let it come to me first.

Will World War 3 will happen?? Only time will tell us.

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