Top 5 Countries In The Field Of Mathematics!

Math is one of the subjects that many consider somewhat obscure. It is a specialized field as not everyone can excel in numbers and logic. Deeper math even gets more complicated as one tackles probabilities, differentials, unknown numbers, among other things. Math requires a lot of calculation and logic to understand. Most of us are not aware of the fact that math is responsible for most of the things we have today.

Everything requires math to a certain degree, there are many ways math can be utilized. Even the computers we enjoy are a product of hardworking mathematicians and scientists. Not everyone can handle or comprehend complex math so it takes brilliant minds to be able to work to such a degree. There are many countries which produced great mathematicians and therefore they are in the list of top 5 countries in the field of mathematicians:

5. England

English math students are considered the best in the world. They make headlines in global competitions and are greatly rivaled by countries in Asia.

4. China

With such a vast history, researchers have discovered that the Chinese were already practicing math as early as 11th century BC. They had developed complex concepts of math long before the rest of the world did.

3. Germany

Germany remains as one of the best places to study and develop your math skills. There has been a decline of students in the last few years and promotion for math has started to rise again.

2. France

France is the country that is one of the most active in mathematical advancements. They are known to have produced 11 Nobel Prize winners in the field of math (The Fields Medal).

1. United States

France is shadowed by one country, and that is the United States. The United States is known to have produced 13 Nobel Prize winners in math (The Fields Medal) , and their educational system ensures that more students with potential are given the chance to excel.

CountryCitationsPapersCitations per Paper
1United States268,09665,8304.07

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